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tv   United Nations 21st Century  LINKTV  October 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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♪ >> coming up, rebuilding after the earthquake. revolution will be televised. and china, the world's electronic wastebasket. mesmerized by w what was destroyed. >> in nepal, a long way to go after the earthquake.
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>> he lost t his mother and his school. >> if we are rebuilding in school, it have to be -- school. >> rebuilding lives and schools in nepal. ♪
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>> i live in kathmandu.. i am helpiping with the school that was destroyed. ♪ >> i was amazed by how many schools were destroyed. the only good thihing i can thi
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of is s that happened on a weekend.
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♪ ♪
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>> you need walls t that are reinfoforced and brackets thatat support the walls and so o the ceililing doesn'n't colollapse s quickly and it allows evacacuations. you needd flexixibility in the design, so the building can move as the earthquake is happening. and a placece like nepapal doest have thehe technhnology. but there are thihings you can o at the local l level that will help.
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>> andnd the reconstructionn has started now. it is a program i initiated. >> there are now modern ways of prpredicting earthquakeses and givingng children more time to evacuate. and thatat is a key pointnt.
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you can save lives thrhrough prevention measures. and it works. ♪
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announcer: ukraine, a country rocked by conflict and still searching for grgreater democra. anannouncer: turning a c cameras on politics. annonouncer: can reformers succd in creating a more open society?
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announcer: in 2014, anya fled her home in eaeastern ukraine wn the escalating conflict gripped the country. announcer: she settled her family nearly 300 kilometers also in eastern ukraraine. theence interrupted a after
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president wass o ousted. he was part of thehe corruption that plalagued the countryry. some hoped for a new democratic order, but others thought they would go into chaos. support for the revolution was lower in eastern ukraine where she is from. alalthough most u ukrainians wee unhappy with corruption, m many like t tonya felt torn n over te cecent revolutution, which is revolution, maidan named for the plaza where the revolution take place -- - took place. ♪ annonouncer: desespite the difft situation n she finds herself i,
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she still has hope for the fututure. she has received training at the democracy project and now has work with the city cououncil. her town council and others s le it acrososs ukrainene receiveved support frfrom the u.n. democray fufund, to help bring about refm in the country and give greater voice to the citizens. many of those consuls -- cou ncils like this onone are enthusiastic supporters of reform. ya, at the -- oksan council, is in favavor of thee revolutionon. announcer: it is 10:00 a.m. on a thursday and oksanya is
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supervising a session. public representatives from the surrounding region haveve come o the e city to vototon a bundldlf neww proposals with h far-reacag efeffects. she says the supppport they have received through the ui democracy fund has helelped transform the council. announcer: the projeject was the brainchild of the western ukrainian resource center, an ananization led by
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organization in western ukraine. announcer: this s lack of transpsparency fueled the anger against the ousted d president o redeem, , when he canceled a
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cooperation agreement with the european union. ukraininians have lolong felt le they had no control over politicians, but the democracy project is helping to shift attitudes. announcer: the democracy program introduced councils from a acros ukraine to a new tooll that wowd allow constituents to watch over political proceedings. the innovation is the only streaming of counsel sessions, a standard praractice in westetern democracieies, but absent t in e local councils of ukraine. says it has been a
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great catalyst for engagement. a young actitivist from the neay village was so inspired by t t u.n. democracy p project, he ben taping his village council sessions himself. the videos he posted to youtubee have a large audience.
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announcer: if hehe is one day no longer able to film the sessions, he thinks his work won't live on. that ishy he has traveled from the village to memeet with bucks on a- oksanyaya today, to get advice on how they y can legally mandate streamaming. announcer: tododay, hehe gets
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encoururaging news when a villae councilmember throws her support behind his project. announcer: directly because ofof his effortsts to bring about greaeater transparency, two mons after we filmed d his work, the head of the council was arrested on major bribery charges. sergei try toike build d a new politicacal syste, for tanya the f focus has been n building her new life. and with the democracy trainini, she s sees better prorospects fr heherself and her famamily.
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announcer: as she settles into her neww work machine hopes the new insights -- work, she hopes the new insnsights will lead to even more democratic ukraine. ♪ announcer: in china, a digital mountain of e e-waste. > we should be mindful, nowadays people get rid of old phones all the time. announcer: the search for a solution to a growing problem. >> sometimes they endd up in cities where they are dismantled and very unhealthy and unsafe ways. in a world of computers my tablets and smartphones, electronic waste is becomiming a major worldwide
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problem. and china is in the front lines. does it is one of the globe's leading producers of electronic equipment. p province has seen hugee changes.s. long submerged in poverty, it has now become a center for createdede-waste it hahas multimillion dollar businesesse. it has beeeen described as the world's electronic waste basket, with 80% of the people earning a living by ripping apart old electronics, espspecially old computers and mobile phones. >> nowadays, people get rid o of old phones all the time. announcer: h here is the directr of the largest internet search engine company. up i inimeses they end citieses where they are dismantd in unhealtlthy and unsafe ways
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that expose not only people whwo are dodoing the dismantling to dangerous chemicals, but it pollutes the air and ground modedern -- groundwater. announcer: with its extensive reach, this company has worked with united nations programs to come up wiwith an innovatation t could help reduce -- and prprove the e proper disposal of electronic waste. >> it t gives u choices of products you might want to recycle. i want to recyclele this oldd refrigerator, so all i need to do i is pick the size, the datei want it to be picked up, and take a photo of it. now, i select t the place wherei am and one of the companies will come and pick it up. announcer: alongng with the u.s, china produces a third of the world's e-waste. the chinese ministryry of environment is encouraging
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manufacturers to follow recycling procedures. but china is still set to become the largest generator of electronic waste by 2017. so the search fofor solutions is more urgenent than ever. announcer ♪ [captions made possible by kcet television]
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live from our studios here in tokyo, this is nhk "newsline." i'm james tengan. people in thailand are in mourning following the death of their nation's father figure. for seven dig days king bhumibol earned the admiration of the thai people. on friday many mourners gathered in front of the royal palace.


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